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How to Have Difficult Conversations: Beginner’s Guide

Become more confident holding conversations about difficult topics. Learn communication skills and successful mindsets.
Markus Amanto
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Feel more confident holding conversations about challenging topics
Improve your way of relating during talks
Increase skill set for holding these talks

Learn the basic concepts, skills and mindsets for holding talks about difficult or tough topics. Many managers fear holding these talks, yet they are essential to your success as a leader. This course will take you step-by-step through a talk with practical examples and proven advice.

Learn to Master the Preparation, Planning and Performing of a Difficult Conversation With This Step-by-Step Course 

  • Learn to prepare yourself to avoid unnecessary emotional tension
  • Create a plan for the talk will make it easier to hold the talk and that sets you up for success
  • Become skilled at analyzing the situation so you can find the real problem and address it effectively
  • Learn to craft a crystal clear purpose for the talk and how stay on track even when the other person or you own emotions try to derail you
  • Get proven methods and actual phrases to start and end a talk in a good way

Build Your Confidence and Skill Set

A study by CPP Inc found that employees in the US spend approximately 2.8 hours per week dealing with workplace conflict. Psychometrics Canada found in their study that 32% of employees have to deal with conflict regularly. 

Handling difficult requires skill and empathy, but in the end it also about having the courage to go ahead and do it. In the course we will address all of those aspects so you can make a habit to face these issues head on in a good, effective way.

Content and Overview

Special attention has been made remove all the “fluff” from this course so it just filled with practical advice and examples. The course also helps you get started right away with carefully crafted assignments.

You will learn to prepare yourself before the talk to avoid unnecessary emotional tension that could otherwise create undesired outcomes. During the course you will also create a plan for an actual talk that will make it easier to hold the talk and that sets you up for success.

You will also strengthen your skills when it comes to analyzing the situation so you can find the real problem, addressing it clearly and effectively. You will also learn how to craft a crystal clear purpose for the talk and how stay on track even when the other person or you own emotions try to derail you from reaching that purpose.

Throughout the course you will benefit from proven methods and actual phrases that you can to start and end a talk in a way that increases the chances of everyone involved walking away feel good about the talk.

All major sections of the course has a methodically structured quiz at the end to make sure you have grasped the important pointers from that sections. You will also walk away with downloadable material that you can use for future reference.

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