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Real Talk-Practice Listening with Real English Conversations

An upper intermediate American English listening, vocabulary and pronunciation course - Listen to real native speakers!
Emma Daskam
1,111 students enrolled
English [Auto]
Upper Intermediate to Advanced English Listening Practice + Vocabulary and Pronunciation
How to speak like a native speaker and understand a variety of different American English speakers
Over 500 vocabulary words in context

Learn to understand native English speakers from the US by learning how they really talk! 

Have you tried all the apps and textbooks but still have problems with everyday conversations in English?

It’s time to change your focus.

Do you feel “stuck” with your English? Maybe you’ve almost given up because…

  • You’re overwhelmed with the amount of vocabulary (phrasal verbs, idioms, and expressions) you need to learn and don’t know where to begin.

  • You feel like you translate in your head instead of thinking in English.

  • You don’t feel comfortable speaking with English speakers and you often have to ask them to repeat themselves.

  • Despite all your efforts, your English isn’t getting any better.

As a certified English teacher who specializes in teaching intermediate level students, I’m here to tell you that it’s not your fault. You just need something real!

The way to quickly take your English from an intermediate to an advanced level is by consistently listening to real native speakers talking about common topics that are relevant to our lives.

You also need to take the vocabulary you hear from real people, study it, and learn to use it in context. No translations!

Think about it, how did you learn your native language?

You learned it naturally, from real people: without translating, without textbooks, without apps!

Introducing… Real Talk English!

An American English listening, vocabulary and pronunciation course based on audio interviews from REAL native speakers!

The perfect course for all adult intermediate English learners who want to build their confidence in understanding people from the United States.

You’ll learn how to…

  • Understand a variety of different American English speakers when they talk about real-world situations.

    (So you can stop asking them to repeat themselves or pretending like you understood them when you actually didn’t!)

  • Correctly use and remember 100s of new words, expressions, idioms, and phrasal verbs.

    (So your real personality can shine when you’re having conversations in English.)

  • Expand your vocabulary on different topics by hearing new words in context.

    (Without translating words in your brain!)

  • Pronounce things more naturally when speaking in English.

    (So you can feel confident and understood.)

What’s inside the Real Talk English course?

  • 32 short audio interviews of real people from the United States

  • 8 different topics

    Adventure, Animals, Annoying Things, Career and Work, Crime, Education, The Environment, Family

  • 32+ listening comprehension activities and quizzes

  • Vocabulary PDFs, quizzes, and games

  • Real Talk English video pronunciation guides

    Learn how Americans pronounce things by watching my video guides, listening to real people, and repeating after them.

  • Speaking and Writing practice activities to do on your own

  • Optional mini challenges at the end of each topic

  • PDF audio transcripts with each interview

  • BONUS: Understand Native Speakers video series

  • BONUS: 8 downloadable Real Talk English PDF workbooks!

Frequently Asked Questions

What English levels is this course for?

This course is best for anyone with an intermediate level of English whose goal is to achieve an advanced level.

What age group is this course for?

This is a course made for adults, so it’s for anyone who’s 18 or older.

How much time is required?

This is an 8-week course. (That’s about 2 months of learning!) I recommend that you study one new topic weekly for the next 8 weeks. However, there’s no time limit for this course; you’ll get lifetime access. This way you can learn at your own pace and come back to study and review whenever you’d like, even after you complete the course!

Does this course teach grammar?

This is not a grammar course. This course is focused on listening, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Will this course help me with my speaking?

Yes! With this course, you will mainly improve your listening, vocabulary, and pronunciation skills. These three skills combined will help you to have awesome conversations with native English speakers! It also includes speaking practice questions in each unit.

Will I learn British or Australian English with this course?

No, this is an American English course.

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