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The Creative Advantage

How to develop creative strengths and skills, build creative routines, learn tools and rewire your brain-body connection
Maria Simonelli
61 students enrolled
Through a seven step program you will create the conditions for creativity.
Learn to use Creative Problem Solving Process, become proficient in ideating on a problem and developing, then act on a solution.
What’s happening in the brain and how we can rewire it for creative insight.
The science linking creativity and brain health and enhance the body-brain connection.
How the key elements of creativity can be cultivated.
Practical ways to introduce play, daydreaming, mind-body connections to expand creative powers.
The value of building creative muscles through habit formation.
How to identify barriers, myths and what’s holding you back from being your best creative self.
Tools, strategies and activities to incorporate creativity to enhance both our personal and professional lives.

What’s the one feature of humans that makes us stand alone in the animal kingdom? It’s our ability to imagine possibilities…and to imagine requires creativity.

Creativity is the most fundamentally human of qualities and a unique trait of our species.

It’s the most important asset we have to negotiate through this rapidly changing world. From the way we manage our work life and conduct business, to how we learn a new skill, model behaviours for our children and shape the way we age to express our unique selves, the creative brain has no limits.

The neuroscience points to the growing understanding into what’s going on in the brain’s of highly creative thinkers and practitioners, as well as the power of brain plasticity. The brain turns out to be far more adaptable and, with the right sort of triggers, can be rewired. Creativity is whole brain activity and the more we understand this, the better we can enhance our own and others’ creative abilities.

This program seeks to reveal the science that’s building our understanding of why some of us are more creative. What happens at the intersection of science and creativity is no longer a mystery or based on myth.

Of even more relevance, creativity is a skill that can be learnt and practiced, with studies showing that creativity is close to eighty percent learned and acquired.

This program is curated from the latest research from the world’s most renowned experts and thinkers in the fields of neuroscience, cognitive psychology, social science and psychology.

The good news is that anyone can learn to be more creative, incorporate creative thinking into the everyday life choices and learn to resolve the challenges of doubt, failure and mediocrity that may limit their potential. The secret is there are no tricks or magic formulas but there are strategies, tools and a mindset that, if you stick with, can set you apart to create a distinct creative advantage.

Step 3: Explore the Essential Creative Elements

The Brain That Changed the World

Step 4 : Creating the Conditions for Creativity- Increase the Brain's Capacity

Step 4 : Creating the Conditions for Creativity-The Power of Adult Play

Step 6: Overcoming Barriers

Step 7: Learn Creative Problem Solving Tools

Developing Creative Capacity

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4.8 out of 5
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