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Unleash your creative genius – 9 powerful creative traits

Discover 9 powerful personality traits of creative geniuses to unleash your creativity from within. Creative thinking ..
Develop A Unique Creative Personality Of Your Own
Discover The Nine Most Important Personality Traits Of Creative People
Learn To Become More Curious, Imaginative, Open Minded, Energetic, Intuitive and sensitive In Your Creative Approach
Awaken Your Dead Curiosity And Enjoy The Freshness That Comes With It
Understand The Minds Of Great Creative People
Develop The Capacity To Work Alone with Hormony
Understand The Importance Of Solitude In Great Creation
Learn Lessons From Life Stories Of Many Creative People
Ability To Imagine freely And Compose New Possibilities
How To Open Up Yourself To New And Diverse Experiences
Learn To Maximize Your Creative Energy
Figure Out How You Can Conserve Mental Energy
Look At Different Forms Of Intuition
Know How To Access Your Intuition
Connect with Super-Conscious Mind To Access Direct Knowledge
Lots Of Interesting Examples, Funny Analogies And Real Life Stories
Learn To Become More Sensitive Person
How To Choose Best Idea Among Many
Know The Importance OF Risk Taking
Build And Refine Your Creative Personality For Complete Creative Expression
Very Short, Precise And To The Point Videos

You may be knowledgeable but without the power of imagination, you cannot discover new lands or create new possibilities. If you don’t create new possibilities, you become STUCK, BORING, AND LIMITED.

You may be skillful, but you will never create anything GREAT without the capacity to work unhindered by embracing solitude.

You may be sharp but if you are not open to experiences, you cannot grow and mature by accumulating new and variety of experiences. What that means is that you remain AMATEUR throughout your life.

you can be a genius but without the sufficient creative energy to manifest your creative undertaking into reality, you will always remain UNACCOMPLISHED.

You may be intelligent but if you do not have the flare of curiosity, you cannot be an explorer. If you do not explore, you cannot know or learn new things. If you do not learn new things, you will soon become OUTDATED!

You may be brainy but if you don’t access intuition, you cannot have breakthrough insights. Of course, without breakthrough ideas, you will produce ORDINARY AND MEDIOCRE WORK.

You may be exceptionally talented but without the necessary sensitivity, you will never be able to reach the HEARTS, touch the SOULS, or blow other people’s MINDS.

you may be resourceful but without the ability to stay calm and composed during times of uncertainty, you will GET LOST for sure and end up producing RANDOM WORK.

you may know everything but without the courage and braveness to face challenges and take risks, you will never be SUCCESSFUL in your creative endeavors.

As you can see for yourself, contrary to our belief that creativity is all about being talented, intelligent, skilled, knowledgeable, or resourceful, rather it is more about having certain qualities or personality traits.

Creativity is a natural outcome of having certain personality traits.

NOW if you want to understand these qualities and build them into your creative personality so that creativity becomes a natural expression for you …

Then this is the RIGHT COURSE FOR YOU.

These are the most important personality traits of creative people-










This is the one and the only course on Udemy about creative personality!

What will I learn after taking this course?

  • What Is Curiosity?

  • My Childhood Stories Of Curiosity

  • Learn To Ask Curious Questions

  • What Is Imagination?

  • Learn To Imagine New Possibilities

  • Study Examples Of Imaginative People Like Albert Einstein

  • Understand The Need for Solitude

  • Learn To Embrace Solitude

  • Examples Of People Who Worked In Solitude

  • What Is Openness To Experience?

  • Darwin’s Story Of Keen Sense Observation

  • What Are The Different Aspects Of Openness to experiences?

  • Personal Experience Of “Aesthetic Chills”

  • How To Make Use OF Serendipity?

  • How To Maximize Creative Energy?

  • How To Conserve Mental Energy?

  • How To Tap Emotional Energy?

  • Look At Four Types Of Intuition

  • Briefly Understand The Creative Process

  • Develop creative thinking ability.

  • What Is Sensitivity?

  • Understand Why Creative People Tend To Be Very Sensitive?

  • What Is Tolerance Of Ambiguity?

  • See The Difference Between Less Tolerant vs High Tolerant

  • Understand Various Kinds Of Risk Involved In Various Fields Of Creativity

  • Examples Of Famous People Who Failed Before Success

You can scroll through the lecture video titles or watch the preview videos to get a more detailed perspective on the course.


The course consists of nine main sections dedicated to nine personality traits starting with curiosity and ending with risk-taking. In each section, you will learn not only about the central personality trait but also many other connected ideas in the form of examples, analogies, stories, and useful information, all aiming at the central idea, meanwhile giving you as many reference points as possible and making your understanding as broad as possible. Mastery of these personality traits means laying a firm foundation for all your present and future creative endeavors.

I have tried my best to strike the right balance between theory and practice. It is quite informative. At the same time, it is quite implementable as well. The course will walk you through the most important territories of creativity by giving signs and directions if not by hand in hand. Covering a wide range of concepts, it aims to increase your overall knowledge about creativity and bring about a feeling of knowing and familiarity with different aspects of a creative personality.

The unique thing about this course is that it is a smooth combination of both formal and informal approaches. In the sense that, academic topics like openness to experience, tolerance of ambiguity, and sensitivity are presented in an informal and straightforward way without getting bogged down in the details of the theory.

All videos are short videos and you will be able to finish the course very quickly.

Course updated regularly with new content to stay relevant & up-to-date.

This is my very first course on Udemy. It was shot and edited entirely by myself (learnt editing from youtube).

Since this is my first time talking in front of a camera, I might appear self-conscious and my accent might change a bit at times(If you are OK with it just don’t worry about it). My apologies for that. You should know that I am working continuously on myself and I hope to get better at delivery with time and practice

OK …Alright then….it’s time now to build your creative personality…

Now is the time to TAKE ACTION and bring lasting changes to your creative personality and develop your creative thinking ability…

This is the time to work on your creative personality and gain a larger perspective on creativity as a whole …

If you don’t love the course or enjoy the course or if it doesn’t meet your expectation or if it doesn’t make a positive impact on your creative self…

You have got nothing to lose!

Because Udemy will give you a refund with their 30-day money back guarantee!

So what are you waiting for?



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4.2 out of 5
26 Ratings

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